Dark Spaces

by / Friday, 08 February 2019 / Published in Creative, Design, Lifestyle

Even at this time of year with the sun beginning to shine and the evenings starting to lengthen, there are rooms in our homes that still feel dark. Those problem spaces that just somehow no matter what time of the year it is just lack natural light. Decorating these dark spaces can be a bit of a challenge to say the least. So how do you decorate dark spaces??

In our northern climate light can be at a premium at the best of times but there are some rooms in our homes that just seem to struggle for light more than most, even on the sunniest of days. Weather it be a dark hallway, a small bathroom, a north facing sitting room or a dark bedroom there are little tricks you can use to maximise whatever light there is and create the illusion of a bright space.

First things first ….. Colour. It is simple science that dark colours absorb light and light colours reflect light, so keep your colour scheme bright and light. Dark wall colours are a absolute no, no!!! Keep walls light with soft creams, taupes, duck eggs, lavenders. Whatever colour scheme you are going for keep a pale shade on the walls to reflect light and make the space feel bigger and brighter.

With light in short supply in this space you should make the most of whatever natural light is available. so don’t obstruct the windows with overly fussy window dressings which will block the light. A roman blind fitted above the window on the outside of the §recess for instance will add some texture and colour but not block light. If you are using curtains take you curtain pole out wider past the window on each side so that the curtains will stack back further on the wall and let in light, avoid pelmets or swags and tails in darker spaces as they will cover over the window to much.

Mirrors are the greatest tool in your tool box when dealing with a dark spaces. Positioned correctly they can bounce light from a window around the space and make it feel brighter. Mirrored furniture is another great choice. A mirrored console table In a hall or mirrored bed side lockers in a bedroom will all help the space feel lighter.

Another great trick is to use as many reflective surfaces as possible in the space. So choose polished tiles with a sheen rather than a Matt tile, choose a highly polished work top in a kitchen over a duller version and use metallic where ever possible. So metallic taps, door handles, light fitting etc. you could even choose a wallpaper for the walls with a metallic reflective finish to reflect even more light.

While you may never be able to create light where there is none with these little tips you can certainly make the most of what light is available and make a dark area feel much brighter and welcoming. If you have a project or interior you would like some help or advice get in touch creating aspirations spaces that enhances lives is what we do . (The Fabric centre, Neil T Blaney Road, Letterkenny, Tel:0749167858, follow us on facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter for more)




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