The Grey revolt!

by / Friday, 08 February 2019 / Published in Creative, Design, Lifestyle

The interiors world is starting to see a bit of an up rising, a backlash if you like. Season after season we have seen one colour dominate everything from kitchens to bathrooms. We have been living in a monotone world with Grey vision but we are beginning to see a Grey Revolt!

If there is one thing that we have been starved of over the last few years it is colour, zesty and bold, soft and relaxing. Whatever your preference it has been thin on the ground until recently. We are beginning to see a return to colour and i for one am glad to see this revolution begin.

Deep navy’s, chartreuse yellows and mustards, blush pinks and turquoise blues. There is a tide of colour washing ashore on our homes and interiors. These new hues are the injection of life and personality we have been looking for after years of grey on grey.

We have not however seen an end to grey, rather greys is being used as the base tonne on which these new stronger hues are being placed. Grey is still being used as the neutral relief to balance stronger accents for example a grey sofa set against deep navy walls, creates an eye catching contrast.

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This new arrival of colour does however open up a opportunity for you to bring in colour to your existing spaces and give your grey out a colour makeover. A colourful Mat, a striking wallpaper or contemporary roman blind, don’t be afraid to bold with colour. Even painting a room in deep hue can make a huge impact to a previously unremarkable space.


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