Sheena Thompson - APRIL 26th 2021

It may not be new but our love affair with it certainly is. Paneling is fast becoming one of the biggest design trends of 2020. It’s popularity has been gaining pace over the last few season and we are set to see it reach all new heights this year. Until recently we would never have even considered bringing wall paneling into our homes but now we just can’t seem to get enough of it.

So why is paneling becoming so sought after?

It’s versatility is probably one of the biggest reasons we have all become obsessed with paneling. It can literally be used everywhere. From sitting to bathrooms and everywhere in between.

There are also so many styles of paneling, making it even more versatile. It doesn’t matter if you are styling a classic period home or a contemporary new build, there is a style of paneling to work in all settings.

With elegant Georgian style paneling for classic spaces, tunnel and groove for country interiors and geometric styles for more modern spaces.

We also love how it can add character, interest and architectural detail, to plain unremarkable spaces. Instantly transforming the whole feel of the room.

Paneling can even be used to highlight features like brace walls or bed head walls, rather than paneling a whole room, giving us so much scope to create really unique interiors. 

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