blackout window dressings

Sheena Thompson - 1st June 2021

It is beginning to feel like summer has finally arrived and while we are glad to see the sun it does bring some less than desirable side effects.

The sun is not only brightening up our days but it is waking us up at 5am, keeping us up late at night, waking the kids at the crack of dawn, fading our furniture and blinding us while watching TV.

If you love the sun but would like to limit its side effects then it might be time to look at blackout window dressings. Like sunscreen for your home blackout window treatments will let you enjoy the sun without the negative side effects.

There are a number of stylish options when it comes to dressing your windows and keeping out the light. The most obvious is blinds. Blackout roller blinds are probably one of the most popular choices. Discrete and compact a blackout roller can be rolled up tight out of the way when you don’t want to use it or dropped down when you need it. They can also be fitted behind your curtains or other decorative window dressing, so are easy to fit retrospectively in your home.

Roman blinds are another hugely popular option. Made from curtain fabric and then lined with a blackout lining, these blinds can be very decorative as well as practical. As they can be made from nearly any curtain fabric there will be one to suit nearly every scheme and style from the very modern to the more traditional.

Having your curtains black out lined is another great way to keep strong sunlight at bay. By simply having your curtains lined with a nice blackout lining instead of a standard lining you can make sure the sun is not waking everyone in the house way to early.

They are also great for anyone who works shifts or late nights. Blackout curtain lining has come a long way from its beginnings. It is now the same colour as other curtain linings and has a very soft drape and handle. Gone are the stiff, ridged linings of years gone bye.

Blackout linings now hang as well as sateen linings and no one would be able to tell the difference. The great thing about blackout lining is that it will also stop your curtain fabric from fading.

At The Fabric centre we are the experts on window dressings and on blackout solutions. With a wide range of made to measure blinds and bespoke curtains we will have the perfect dressing for your window.

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